Whenever someone thinks or says that SAHM’s or SAHP’s don’t do anything all day. HA! WRONG!

First of all, let’s just go through just an example of a typical day. There are days when there is even more (and sometimes maybe even less – although not likely) to do but this is how my day starts.

Between 7-8 AM my daughter usually wakes first. There are days it’s earlier but never later than 8 for her. She wants someone to come get her as we have a gate at her door so she doesn’t get out and wonder around while we’re sleeping. One of us gets her and as my husband is getting ready our son wakes. They both want to be fed and entertained (with a show) pretty much immediately so there isn’t much time for relaxing in bed and slowly waking up.

We go downstairs and the work never ends. I usually take some cups down with my that were from the night before. I make the kids breakfast, feed the cats, feed the two different kinds of fish we have – (one freshwater in a small tank and the others in a 110 gallon saltwater tank). Some days my son will help me out with feeding the cats and/or fish but many times I just do it because not only does he make a mess but he gives them too much even though I’ve tried to tell him the correct amount. After feeding all of the mouths in the house, I attempt to make coffee and between everything I’m doing I have both kids needing things, arguing over a toy, making messes, etc. Once I have my coffee I normally try to either take them out to the pool, beach, park, racetrack OR they watch something and eat breakfast while I get things I need to get done – Cleaning, paying bills, website stuff, laundry, dishes, litter box, etc. At some point we also get dressed, brush teeth, and straighten up our rooms.

Evelyn usually goes down for a nap around noon. Some days we eat lunch first, and others she goes down I make lunch and when she wakes she eats hers. When Evelyn goes down for a nap I then try to do something with Daniel. Lately, it has been our reading lessons. Some days we do an art thing, some days practice writing, or learning something, and some days he does his own thing while I get done what I may need to.

Evelyn wakes around 2-3ish depending on when she went down and then she and Daniel eat a snack or finish their lunches if made after nap. Normally they eat lunch before her nap so they tend to snack at this time. I do more cleaning of breakfast, lunch plates, snacks, toys. And then if we didn’t go out in the AM we get out in the afternoon for an activity.

Evening comes around and now I have to make dinner. So dinner is made, we eat, sometimes go for walk or just spend time together on the couch watching something, then kids have their baths (every other night usually) and go down for bed around 8 ish. My husband and I get a couple hours at night alone and we either watch something together or do our own things. We go to bed around 11 or midnight usually.

It’s not always set in stone but we have a pretty flexible but also somewhat predictable schedule.

But now, it’s just gotten a little more busy. I recently decided that I want to utilize my business management degree and start my own business being a web designer or intuitive designer. Not sure which route to take yet but I do want to start my own business and I do want to help others while being creative so I think it’s a perfect fit.

I decided I want to go back to school to get a certificate. in web design which starts next month. Until then I have been doing everything I need to do to prepare for school and I also ordered some books on thriftbooks to start reading before classes start. Although, I haven’t found much time to read them yet.

I’m also working on 3 different websites, one is pretty much done, the other 2 are still work in progresses but between trying to keep the kids busy and the house somewhat clean, it is really hard to find the time to do what I need to do since I’m so exhausted some days. Excuses, excuses I know but I am working on it.

I also started a new workout program. I have had many people I know have great results with Beach body and since our gym membership is pretty much done right now and a childhood best friend is the coach, I decided to join an accountability group and start a 20-minute per day cardio workout 6 days a week for 6 weeks. It’s a transformation program so I’m really looking forward to seeing the results after a few weeks hopefully. Today was day 1. It wasn’t too bad but at the same time pretty challenging. I was def out of breath by the end and sweating pretty good.

On top of trying to squeeze in 20 mins of time for myself to exercise per day, I’m also teaching our 5 year-old to read with a program called 4 weeks to read. While simultaneously potty training our 2-year old. So between doing pro-bono web site work, getting the ball rolling for school, teaching a kid to read, another to potty train, working on my physique and health, and maintaining our social lives, it’s just a lot on the plate.

So after all of this, I can say that SAHM’s/SAHP’s are not all sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soaps. I can’t remember the last time I sat and watched something without distractions unless the kids were asleep. I will say though, it feels good to be productive and I’m hoping that lifestyle changes will create positive outcomes for all of us. Will update soon!

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