So there’s this thing I’ve been dealing with since having children. It’s a skin condition called melasma. It is also known as hyperpigmentation but Melasma is normally due to the hormones released during pregnancy or in some cases, women on birth control.

Anyone who has dealt with this skin issue knows it is stubborn, and you can spend thousands trying to fix it, only for it to come back again. I created a timeline to document my journey with it, and eventually I will add some pictures. I’m still currently dealing with it but hoping that with my newest research and products being used, that I can eventually say buh bye to melasma!

Here is the timeline:

My battle with Melasma started about the time I moved here (when I first noticed it) which was around February 2017. 

I started using Rodan and Fields skincare line which made my skin look okay, but it didn’t fix the melasma in any way. Once I became pregnant in August of 2017 I discontinued use of R&F in fear that some of the chemicals may not be healthy when pregnant. I then started using Aveeno Brightening exfoliant and moisturizers as part of my new skincare routine. $350

After having my baby, my husband booked me an appointment in September of 2018 at a reputable dermatologist in Honolulu.  This Dr. advised me that I have hormonal acne as well as Melasma.  I was then prescribed Spironolactone which is an oral blood pressure medication sometimes used to treat hormonal acne.  I was also prescribed a Hydroquinone Emulsion for the melasma.  My body had an allergic reaction to the spironolactone and so I discontinued use of that and switched back to using my Aveeno products while using the Hydroquinone at night.  I started to see some results in the beginning, but after almost 6 months of using it (currently) I have not seen much of a change at all. $400

In the meantime, since my husband was aware of my skin condition being bothersome he spent a great deal of money on Shiseido products for Christmas (December 2018).  Unfortunately, after using the Shiseido products my skin/acne only seemed to get worse.  $2-300

So here we are today on February 25, 2019 and I went to Envy Eyes for a free facial, massage, and skin consult where I was educated about the fact that my skin issues are due to my skin sensitivity as well as digestive system, and

that must be first corrected, to address the symptoms coming along with it. Mike said that I do in fact have hormonal acne as well as melasma and that we must treat the acne and melasma with skincare products that are natural and not pore-clogging. $300

Tonight, I will be starting my new skin-care routine with Nelly Devuyst products.  I will be using the Bio Acne Cleansing gel first, followed up by the Bio Acne Ph toner, next will be the bio acne purifying gel, and lastly will be the Dark spot corrector emulsion.  I did also purchase a tinted cream to even out my skin tone so that I don’t have to put heavy makeup on.

I took a couple photos and will email them to myself so that I can document the progress (hopefully).

Currently, I feel like I am at the end of my rope as to what to do about my skin. My husband and I have spent a small fortune on skincare that (so far) has not worked.  I am really hoping this skincare line is my last one because this has been an uphill battle for so long now it seems and frankly, I’m getting sick of nothing working after spending so much money to fix the problem.  After speaking with Michael about my skin care issue and what our plan is to fix them, I do feel confident that this will at least help my situation.  I will update in a few months to describe my results (if any).

It is now December 11, 2019 and unfortunately although the products from the spa made my skin look, feel and smell nice they really didn’t have lasting or extremely noticeable effects on my Melasma.   My skin would seem to be getting better and then get worse or just go back to the way it was. As of November 27th, or 28th I started looking into and trying to limit my carb/refined wheat/sugars.  I’m focusing on more of a fruit, vegetable and protein diet.  I have snacked on things here and there (i.e.: tortilla chips) and I’ve had some white rice and bread in a few meals, but I’ve limited it.  

Although it has only been a couple weeks, I am noticing that my skin is appearing to look better.   I’m trying to slowly cut things out and then go ahead and try to cut it out almost completely as soon as I run down my supplies of certain items (bag of rice and spaghetti) After those are gone I will from now on purchase the healthier wheat options and just limit them altogether.  

I was sitting in the hotel room at the Hilton in Waikoloa Village and I had been feeling sick to my stomach recently (due to the nasty stomach virus I got on our first day there).  At the time (which was the following day after being sick all night) I craving more nutritious food anyway but I had been almost desperate to find a cure for this nasty melasma on my face and being on vacation not only was I more worried about it getting worse but I was around all these people and feeling a bit self-conscious. 

So, I started googling: “cures or best cures for melasma”.   My results at the top were of course things I had already read from: Web Md, to Harvard articles, and then of course the scary “home remedies”. 

At this point I’ve pretty much tried it all other than chemical or laser peels because of the fear that there is a chance they can exacerbate the problem at hand.   So, after trying home remedies, I tried Hydroquinone, shiseido and Nelly Devuyst products, serums, etc. and none of them really working or having lasting results I start marrying another concept I’ve been looking into more which is: healthy eating.  It dawned on me that a lot of my issues may be stemming from the way I eat.   I wouldn’t say that I’m or was the unhealthiest eater but let’s just say I (like many Americans) could use a makeover on the way I eat and the choices I make.

What if my acne problem, skin sensitivity and inflammation, as well as my melasma was all related to the same thing?  My diet.  Now, things start to make more sense and become clearer.  This is when I started my journey to change my current lifestyle and make more mindful and calculated decisions.  I’ve also been trying to stay more active and workout.    Will keep you posted on changes.  

It is now 12/27/19 I have been noticing improvement with my diet changes but of course with the holidays my diet and exercise took a small hit and so I will definitely be starting new in the new year with more of a complete lifestyle change. Upon review of my timeline I noticed that the world-renowned dermatologist I spoke with almost a year ago had mentioned that my digestive system played a part in it but also pore-clogging products, I have since been trying to be mindful of the products I used on my skin and that they are non-comedogenic. For Christmas this year my handsome husband gifted me a skin-care line called Levelier. This skin care line is made with marine ingredients such as: seaweed. It’s only been a day and a half so it’s really hard to tell but I think just the fact that I’ve incorporated two natural and powerful exfoliants which include the Pixi: Glycolic acid pads as well as the Lavelier intensive facial peel and I have made a point to be more mindful of the products I put in my body as well as I on my body I think that I am at least heading down the right path to better skin (I hope). I am also thinking about taking some supplements that I’ve recently researched online. In my cart on Amazon right now is zinc picolinate and panthotenic acid. These were recommendations from a woman on Youtube who battled Melasma and cleared her skin beautifully.

Can’t say I haven’t tried at this point a lot of money and time and energy has been spent just trying to peel the layer of ugliness off of my skin so that I can look in the mirror and feel better about my face.

I am currently battling extreme uneven tone with patches mostly on my forehead but some around the eyes. I have hormonal acne so my t-zone is normally sprinkled with random pimples and my nose gets the lovely blackheads. I also have dryness on my nose and fine lines on my forehead and some smile lines. So my skin is basically angry right now and I can’t seem to get it under control. This is why I’m turning to the whole concept of healing from the inside out. I believe that many of my skin issues are related to diet and lifestyle and so my choices at the store have been healthier and I’m also trying to be mindful of the skin products I use.

Will update and add pictures soon! Wish me luck!

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