I remember being in my twenties and wondering what it would be like to be a stay-at-home mom.  I honestly didn’t think it was in my future then. At that time, I was single, living on my own (with a roommate) and working in a business office, trying to figure out my next move so that I could finish my degree.

I  do remember thinking that being a stay-at-home mom must be filled with baby snuggles, day-time T.V, sesame street re-runs, and strolls to the playground.  Surely, I must have figured there would be messes, and poop to clean up but I guess I never fathomed just how much poop I would be cleaning, along with the many other bodily fluids that make being a stay-at-home mom not as glamorous as we once imagined.

Having a 3-year old and a 6-month old at the same time guarantees that I will be spending good portions of my week wiping butts and cleaning poop.  Now let’s add two cats to the mix and I’m cleaning enough poop to last anyone a lifetime.

On top of the never-ending poop, there’s the pee, boogers, occasional vomit, and slobber. Interested in signing up yet?  It’s not as bad as it sounds though because you’re a mom, you’re a superhero who can handle it with a smile on your face.  Dad, now that’s a different story.  My husband can barely stand changing poop diapers but he’s very hands on so he muscles through.

Speaking of diapers, being a stay-at-home mom guarantees that you will change more of your children’s poop diapers than anyone – lucky you!

Sadly during times of sickness I have to try to remember not to wear black because it shows the endless boogers smeared across my shirt.  Also, when the babies are teething they are slobber mouths.  Of course then there’s my least favorite vomit. It’s probably the toughest one for me out of all of them but my kids come first and I power through fueled by my love for them.

It is true what “they” say though – at least for me.   I am not really bothered by my children’s endless bodily fluids, but there are days when I have cleaned up so much snot, poop, and pee, that I just want to soak in a hot shower for a couple of hours to wash all of the yuck away!

I could probably do with less of it if given the choice, BUT at the end of the day, my kids are worth every single bit of it.  They need ME to help them and personally I’m happy that I can be that person.  Being their mother, I know it bothers me less than it would someone else so I’m glad to do it.

Even if it isn’t always so glamorous being a stay-at-home mom I know that my kids are taken care of and loved and that’s really all that matters.


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