Exactly how I feel at this moment in time. There are days in stay-at-home motherhood where I am a rockstar. On these days, I wake up and make a nice healthy breakfast, we go to park or library, and do fun things and all is well and happy. Or I get a lot accomplished and it feels great. Other days, not to much. There are the days when I fling a granola bar and a banana at them for breakfast (ok maybe fling it but you know) and I throw on some paw patrol and sit here online shopping drinking my coffee, getting nothing accomplished.

Like most things in life, it’s really all about balance. There are gonna be days where you slay, and days where you put your head in your hands and pray.

You shouldn’t feel guilty or bad on days when you didn’t leave the house or get of pj’s all day because there are plenty of days you didn’t stop from the moment you woke up until the time your head hit the pillow and sometimes your body tells you to slowwww downnn. I think most of us have this unrealistic perception due to social media – which I only currently check insta a couple times a week maybe and have no facebook – it’s lovely. Anyway, social media makes everyone seem so “busy” all the time. It’s just as well to stop and smell the roses and just chill, recharge and rejuvinate sometimes.

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