5 Simple Ideas for squeezing in Some Much Needed ME – time!

me time image

Me-time. It’s so important.

This is something that I will admit, is a work-in-progress for me.   I am constantly battling myself to squeeze in just a tiny hair of ME time and not feel MOM guilt over it.  Even if it’s just a bath after a long day of cleaning, cooking, feeding, changing, and serving others, it is absolutely essential to take the time for yourself.

It is so easy to neglect ourselves when we are caring for others.   We tend to put their needs first so much, that our needs can (at times) fall by the wayside.

The reason it is so important that we get our ME time in is this:  You can’t pull from an empty tank.  If you want to be able to give more of yourself you have to recharge those batteries, mama.

Some ideas for ME-time:

  1. Bath-time (as mentioned above) – is a great way to relax, unwind, and even meditate away from the noises.  One of my favorite bath-time buddies is this stuff: Dr. Teal’s 34 oz. Eucalyptus Spearmint Foaming Bath.
  2. Exercise– Currently when I need to get out for some exercise I either go for a walk or roller blade.  Once I get a gym membership again, I plan on doing that, but there are so many different ways to put some time aside to do some physical activity.  Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc.
  3. Take a lone trip to the store -Blast the music, and enjoy!  It’s like a mini- vacation, even if it’s just to the store and back. I’ll tell ya what, with two kids that are currently 3 and under, I finding myself doing this way more often.  Take your time strolling through the aisles in silence no interruptions.
  4.  Find a hobby– Find one, work on one, finish one.  The options are endless: crafting, coloring, knitting, playing musical instruments, bird watching, reading books, etc.  When I’m looking for a new hobby, I personally use the crap out of Pinterest.
  5. Treat Yourself once in a while– Go out and get your hair done, mani/pedi, massage, facial, tattoo, etc. Pamper yourself every so often.


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