In the beginning…

Joy created a blog.


Because there just aren’t enough mom blogs in the world, right?  Nope.  That’s not it.  Because I want to show off how great my kid/dog/kitchen/hairdo/knitting skills are?  Nope.  Wrong again.  Because I am trying to expand my command of the English language AND my mad tech skills.  Maybe… but that’s still not why I’m starting down this road.

So, why?

Well, it’s been a tough year.  We’ve had a death in the family.  We’ve moved.  We’ve had a job upheaval – obviously not mine.  We’ve had health problems.  We’ve had a property break in.  It seems that we’ve had it all this year and it’s been suggested to me that I am under a tremendous load… and maybe I should talk to somebody.  After blowing a raspberry and muttering an off-color comment about “tremendous load”, I considered it for a minute.

Did you know that my insurance considers a therapist as a specialist – and it’s a $50 co-pay.  Do you have that kind of money, because I don’t.  Do you have any idea how much time it would take me to get all my issues out in a 50 minute hour at $50 a pop?  Win could kiss college goodbye.  As a matter of fact, Wells Fargo could kiss my mortgage payment goodbye. Hell, we’d have to kiss our electricity goodbye to afford that one.

So, I’m doing the next best thing.  I’m picking my own, affordable confidant.  I’m having a group therapy session AND journaling all at the same time… I’m writing a publicly read blog.

Because I know, deep in my heart, that anything I say here is just between us.  Private, confidential, protected.  You can keep all my secrets, right, internet?  Yeah, I thought so.  We’re going to be very happy together, just you and me.